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31Days - Ital Stew in Dub

Right now the theme for this meal is chili. Not killer hot, but certainly tasty. Probably tangy and fruity. Hope that doesn't scare anyone away.
Recently I've been enjoying playing with smokey flavours, and just brought some interesting peppers back from the UK on my last visit. Also reading a new cook book that could lead to some strange new places. I'll update the specifics right after the holidays.

What I can tell you, is that there will be vinyl sides of Scientist, Mad Professor, Augustus Pablo and the mighty Jah Shaka. Also as a sweet treat, I shall reveal where the riff of Nirvana's "Smell's Like Teen Spirit" was originally stolen from. (This may (or may not) be reason enough to eat with us, as this isn't a record you'll find on iTunes, YouTube or Spotify.) Otherwise things will be spiced up with some Francis Bebey, Fela and a twist of Wes Montgomery. In so far as no digital music will be played under any circumstances, we're open to requests.


The final menu in full:

Tomato Bouillabaisse with Braised Artichokes, Haricot Chipotle Brandade and Skillet Bread.

Arepa Corncakes, Ital Stew Parcels, Pickle Pepper Stingo, Chipotle Pinto Refry with Guava and Tamarind Ice.

Pistachio Wafers with Raspberry and Rosewater Frappé

This dinner is part of the 31Days concept.
A photographer and writer will be documenting this event.

In all of January 31 hosts, 31 writers and 31 photographers will be doing 31 events around the world.
Photos, recipes and text will be put together in an aesthetic book called '31Days - A vegan conversation'

Suitable for

  • No lactose
  • No pets/allergy safe
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Without milk
Full course dinner held by

Painter, record collector, DJ, fond of dub music and sound system culture, and somewhat of a seasoned traveller. Part-time illustrator, full time graphic design lecturer. Married to Martian. Vegetarian (and mostly vegan) for thirteen years. Read a lot of books and wear a lot of colourful socks. Keen to leave the city, live rurally, paint daily and grow own food and herbs.

Event rating:  
The event was held on Friday, 15 January from 20:00 to 23:55
in Oslo, Tøyen.
Price per person: 200,- NOK

There were 4 people attending.

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  • Thomas: what an experience  
    many many thanks to the host Sam and his lovely partner Liv for the wonderful evening. Fantastic food, great stories and genuine interest for all guest around the table made this en evening to remember. I learned so much. Thank you.
  • Katrine: Fantastic  
    Thank you for a brilliant evening. Excellent hosting, accompanied by great food and genuine, warm and interesting people. In short, a fantastic experience. Thank you to both the hosts and fellow participants