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31Days - Veganuary at Våland

We welcome you to a three-course vegan meal at our place, on the last day of January. We promise something spicy and full of flavour that will bring you warmth in this cold time of the year! Wine is included, and the menu will be posted soon!

Dear guests, we apologize for the wait! Here at last is the menu for our Veganuary event:

Mexican inspired salad topped with a tasty creamy cashew-orange-lime dressing and coriander.
Served with home made mint-lemonade.

Spicy chipotle chili sin carne with homemade guacamole, red, green and yellow salsa and homemade tortillas.

For dessert we will serve something frosty and something sweet!

It has been our goal to keep this dinner event at a reasonable price. For that reason we do not have the budget to serve you wine all evening. But do feel free to donate a bottle to the dinner, if you feel like having more than a couple of glasses. We are looking forward to see you all! June, June, Terese

This dinner is part of the 31Days concept.
A photographer and writer will be documenting this event.

In all of January 31 hosts, 31 writers and 31 photographers will be doing 31 events around the world.
Photos, recipes and text will be put together in an aesthetic book called '31Days - A vegan conversation'

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  • Vegan
Full course dinner held by

Hi! We are three girls living in Stavanger, on the west coast of Norway. Although we're not vegans, we take a great interest on the topics of sustainability, animal welfare and just exploring delicious food concepts.

The event was held on Sunday, 31 January from 19:00 to 22:00
in Stavanger, Stavanger.
Price per person: 235,- NOK

There were 5 people attending.

Past event. Signup is not possible. Look for other events


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