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31Days Something vegan

We got the challenge to host a vegan dinner party. Hopefully this will not end in total disaster, but you are welcomed to join either way.

Italian inspired vegan dinner on City hill:
Auntie Nadine's roasted bell peppers with homemade bread
Potato gnocchi with rosemary and thyme
Fruit salad with ice cream
Homemade plum liqueur

This dinner is part of the 31Days concept in January 2016
A photographer and writer will be documenting this event.

In all of January 31 hosts, 31 writers and 31 photographers will be doing 31 events around the world.
Photos, recipes and text will be put together in an aesthetic book called '31Days - A vegan conversation'

Suitable for

  • Vegan
Dinner held by

I like food. I sometimes eat food with other people. I also like beer.

I work as a photographer and live together with my girlfriend and my daughter in Stavanger, Norway.

The event was held on Saturday, 16 January from 19:00 to 21:00
in Stavanger, Byhaugen.
Price per person: 180,- NOK

There were 6 people attending.

Past event. Signup is not possible. Look for other events


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