Guidelines for Guests

The following is a guideline for being a guest at an EatinCommon event. However, the most important is to act the way you would want your guests to act if you were the host. And to have a great time!

General courtesy

  • Thank the host for inviting / accepting
  • Many consider it polite to bring something to show appreciation (wine, a flower, chocolate or a funny gadget)
  • Compliments to the house and kitchen are always a winner
  • Show table manners - Napkin on the knees, use the cutlery, eat nicely with mouth closed, be aware of the ladies and make sure they have what they need
  • Contribute to the event (Talk, listen, start polite conversations, compliment the food and remember you also contribute with your energy. If you’re tense it will reflect back on the atmosphere, same goes if you’re laid back the rest will be as well.
  • Relax and be yourself
  • Know when to leave & when to stay. A saying is that by the hosts’ first yawn it’s time to leave. If you are invited to stay and the conversation keeps going – then sit back and have a good time.
  • Make sure to make a review of their event.

At the table

When dinner starts, make sure you wait for the host to either start eating or request that you start eating. It's not a big deal, but it's just a gesture of respect and honor to wait for your host. Let them lead the dinner event, it's their house and their event.

Remember, when you go over to someone's house for dinner, you're not going there just to eat. You can do that at home or at a restaurant. You are also going there to spend time with people and to interact.

Unfortunate Mishaps

You’ve spilled wine on the tablecloth or rug, dropped a vase or broken an ornament. The damage is done. Apologize profusely but don’t keep talking about it all night. Help your host clean up the mess: wiping up the spill, picking up broken glass, etc. Offer to replace the object, pay cleaning costs. The following day, send flowers with your apologies and ask for forgiveness.

In general, think about what you would appreciate from guests if you were hosting? What would make a nice impression on you and what would not?

Relax and enjoy the evening.

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