Let's eat in common

This is how it works

Plan the menu and create the event… Everyone can participate – just click Be a host and get going. When hosting an event with Eat in Common you create a menu, set the date, a price per seat and the number of guests. It is really simple and easy.

Invite and select guests to join you for dinner… Your event will be visible to potential guests on Eat in Common but you may also use channels such as Facebook to invite people from your network or interest groups. You can select your guests based on their reviews and the information they share. This way you are in full control of who joins your dinner.

Get ready to eat in common… Cook your delicious meal and create the ultimate social experience together with your guests. EatinCommon is based on trust and reviews. After each event, please rate your experience. That way you’ll be helping hosts getting the feedback and recognition they deserve, and other Eat in Common users can benefit from your experience as well.

Payments from guests will be collected by Eat in Common prior to the event. This is done so that payments do not cause concerns at the event itself and you can concentrate on the food, the people and the atmosphere. Guests will not be able to see the exact address of the event until payment has been approved. When the meal is over, three things happen: the guest is doing a review, the host is doing a review and the money is transferred to the host, minus our service fees.

Now you know how it works,Be a host or Join an event

Have fun and be nice :-)

Eat in Common